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      Contact Us:
      Add:No.33 Xi Tu Cheng Lu,
      Tel:86 10 62275342
      Fax:86 10 82227105
      E-mail: csc@cncscs.org
      Professor Halil visited CSCS  
      CSCS Secretary-General Liu Wanzhong Attended the AMADA Exhibition in China  
      AMADA CO., LTD. from Japan Visited CSCS for Academic Exchange  
      Four Districts of Cross-Strait Steel Construction Association Academic Exchange  
      Britain Steel Construction Institute Visited CSCS  
      CSCS Invited AVENG GROUP Co., LTD. from South Africa to Visit China  
      The Second Steel Construction Summit held in Hangzhou  
      Work Conference of CSCS Experts Committee in 2007  
      The Ninth China-Korea-Japan Symposium on Structural Steel Construction  

      The Fifth Delegates Congress of CSCS in Beijing on Oct.28th to 31st  
      The brand-new leadership of CSCS The Fifth Council  
      Sixth China International Steel Construction Expo 2007  

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